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Welcome to the Members’ Portal of Les Anciens d’AEGEE. If you are a member, you can update your contact data, look at the members list, sign up for events and pay your membership fee here. If you are not a Les Anciens member yet, please contact us using this link.

Short instructions for getting an account for the members portal:  

Please read all instructions before you start creating your account !!

Preparation : Please make sure that the Email adress you our going to use during the subscription-process is a valid one , it should exist in the members list we have in our database. This is to make sure you are known as a member.  

If you doubt whether the emailaddress you want to use is known to us (If it is your emailadress since more than 2 years you are pretty safe ;-) )  please contact us first.  


For your everyday login you have two options:  

a. a traditional login using your username (emailaddress)  and password  or

b. a login using your social media account like Google or Yahoo!.


The 3 Steps to follow:

1. You first create an account. Everyone new to the member portal needs to do this. Old userid's and passwords from the former online addressbook are not applicable anymore.

Warning!!: Once you have created an account by clicking the create account button you will get an error message. (We are working to fix this) Please just ignore this message, it is not harmful !! 

Please send an email to to tell you  have submitted your account information. (Due to a pending issue we do not receive notifications currently)

Now you have to wait !

2. Wait till the administrator approves your account-application .This is human interaction, so it may take a few hours (we get daily spam subscriptions we need to filter out) 


3. After approval you get an Activation-Email. Activate your account by following the instructions. After clicking on the link provided in the Email you will be brought back to the members portal to finalise the procedure. You will be asked to create a password, please do so, even if you have created your account through social media. you can later still login using your social media account. Then just follow the last steps described and you are there !   

After reading these instructions you can now click on either Create new account or click on the appropiate social media account provider icon on the right side of this page to start the procedure.


Some background information:  

About login using a social media account (OpenID): If you have an OpenID account like a Google or Yahoo! account you can, but don’t have to, use it for logging in. The social media provider just sends your name and e-mail address to our server. you will be asked if you allow that to happen, and no data from our server will be sent back. 

Anyway, it’s your choice if you use an account like Google or Yahoo! for logging in or the traditional method. In both cases you will have to chose a user name and password. You can also attach your social media account at a later stage, and you can also remove it any time.  to login you just have to click on the icon of your social media account. 

Valid email address: Please use one of the e-mail addresses we have in our database for signing up, so your account will be matched with your record, otherwise we have to merge these records manually, which means unnecessary extra work. Later you can change your e-mail address. Note that you don’t need to use the e-mail address of your OpenID account provider, e. g. if you use Yahoo! for logging in, but prefer your Hotmail/Outlook address or that is the one we have in our database, just override the Yahoo! address.

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